What are Slang Words?

Specific words or phrases with a cultural definition, different from the literal definition.

A slang that means fashionable and sexy style. It can refer to things like ice, which is expensive jewelry. If someone has a drip it means they have a stylish confident and sexy look.


Drip [drɪ́p]


Bussin [bʌsɪn]

An adjective used when something is extremely great. Usually when people say bussin, they are talking about a tasty food.


Boujee [boo-jee]

A hip-hop slang for something luxurious yet humble in character.


Extra [ek.strə]

It is someone over-the-top. It could be one's actions, clothes, or lifestyle. It can be used positively and negatively.


Rent-free [rɛntˈfri]

Used to portray a situation when something is occupying a sufficient space in someone else’s mind. Also used to describe someone who is too easily influenced by external things.